I’m too horny for the amount of sex I’m not having.

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You put yourself right between the killing thing’s teeth, but you don’t give it the power to—

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Lord of the Rings Alphabet:  Nazgûl

"They were once men. Great kings of men. Then Sauron the deceiver gave to them nine rings of power. Blinded by their greed, they took them without question, one by one falling into darkness. Now they are slaves to his will. They are the Nazgûl, Ringwraiths, neither living nor dead. At all times they feel the presence of the Ring, drawn to the power of the One."
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I just know there are two theories to arguin’ with women. And neither one works

» John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)  
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Where the hell do any of you get off, telling me I sold out? Where do you get off? Where do you find the nerve, to call me a whore? You think I hate ECW? I love that place. I LOVE THAT PLACE! But ECW simply didn’t love me back. She was like the girl I can’t let go off, but the one who makes me sick, upon seeing her. SHE WANTED TOO MUCH BLOOD, TOO MUCH OF MY HEART, TOO MUCH OF MY LIFE! So I left, and I found fame and fortune in WWE. And Paul Heyman was right. There’s only one real difference between me and Tommy Dreamer. I’m a whore, and he’s not.

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